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Philippine Laureau was born in 1989 in Paris. She studied at Central Saint martins and worked as a set designer in London for 8 years. 


After working in theatre, she worked for a year in a metal Atelier in London, learning how to work metal, weld and make sculpture. In the workshop, the concept of aging metal and finding interesting texture led her to endorse the idea of time passing into an object to give it a different and beautiful aspect.


She loves going to old markets and antique shops to find objects that have a story. She finds old things more interesting then new ones.  


She has recently moved into Cape Town.

Living so close to nature for the first time has taken her approach and connection to her work in a different direction. Her background in graphic design and fine art makes her minimalist approach simple, unique and imperfect.  


The isolation of COVID-19 brought her back into her studio, where she found herself creating a new body of work inspired by the Japanese aesthetic called « Wabi-sabi ».




March 2022 : Alliance Gallery (for the month of the Francophonie au Cap)                               - 155 loop street - Cape Town

December 2021-January 2022 : Young blood africa

                                                       - 70, 72 bree street - Cape Town

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