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Born in Paris, I graduated from Central St. Martins in London, where I lived for more than 8 years before moving to South Africa. As my identity is a patchwork of inspirations and experiences collected all over the world throughout the years, my works are the result of a patient process of sewing and painting which aims to express all these inspirations in a single artwork. The roughness of the coffee bags I use as a canvas and my organic and minimalist intuitive composition bring imperfection, texture and colours into my work. Inspired by the Japanese philosophy called Wabi-Sabi, I refuse the mainstream notion of beauty, celebrating imperfection, incompletion and impermanence as aesthetic values. Seeking sustainability in art, I choose to work with repaired and recycled objects. A practice that also allows me to explore the creative tension between the present and the past through the objects’ stories. My colour palette is borrowed from nature, dominated by gold, earthy tones, velvety greens and deep blue shades.


My art practice is undoubtedly informed by my past working experiences. Working in a metal atelier and especially aging the metal inspired me in focusing on texture and exploring the idea of time passing in an object. Whereas my experience as a graphic designer influences my minimalistic approach to form and colour. Channeling my vision and my deepest feeling in my work, I am able to communicate with the viewer with simple yet powerful composition, triggering emotional reactions and deep reflections.


June-September 2023 : Alex Hammersley art showroom 

- United Kingdom

March 2022 : Alliance Gallery (for the month of the Francophonie au Cap

 - 155 loop street - Cape Town

December 2021-January 2022 : Young blood africa

- 70, 72 bree street - Cape Town

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